About Us

Artwork is an important element in the development of any corporate atmosphere. Regardless of budget, well-chosen artwork, which is carefully framed or presented, is key to creating a desired image as well as beautiful decoration.

All of our proposals are based on full service, starting with experienced consultation and ending with expert framing and installation.

We begin by helping a client develop a working budget. A project often uses artwork from many different media and price ranges. We are skilled and experienced in sorting out these choices, and helping to guide a client through the sometimes confusing marketplace.

Before we bring any catalogues, or artwork and framing choices to our clients, we have already done a lot of planning and organization. While always leaving the final artwork choice to the client, we use our experience to guide in these choices, and make sure that the final result is satisfying.

We stay on top of the market by actively renewing our resources in every budget range. As art consultants, we commit ourselves to developing the perfect artwork program for each of our clients, even if it requires extra leg-work to find that special piece or idea.

What often sets us apart from our many competitors is the quality of our final presentation.  When a project is completed, we deliver and professionally install a final product which we stand behind 100%. We are known for our high quality and creative framing and we never compromise on materials or workmanship in any phase of a project.