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With the current focus on sustainability, Earth Day is a great way to show our focus and how we support the environment. Here is how we all can Reduce, Reuse and Recycle to support sustainable art practices! 

Sustainable art practices start with us!
  1. Reduce: Buy and use local art for your space 

One of the easiest ways to effectively reduce your carbon footprint when buying art, is to buy from local artists! By doing so, the art travels less distance, which decreases the carbon footprint that the art has on it.  It is also one of the best ways to support the art community, and a great way to show your support for your community of local artists as well. Another great thing about buying from local artists is that you may even be able to find an artist that uses sustainable art practices. This may look like earth friendly paint, mediums and display pieces, sculptures made with earth friendly materials and more. Concepts In Art supports sustainability and the focus on being green by using sustainable wall coverings and other materials in their projects!

  1. Reuse old art whenever you can 

Another great way to work on practicing sustainable art is to try and reuse current art that you already have in your space. Concepts In Art loves to work with current pieces, and if desired, will find ways to reuse the art that is already in your space. A new frame, or an area re-design can sometimes go a long way. By reusing what you already have, you’re not only saving on cost, but on material waste as well. Concepts In Art is proud to offer free consultations to those that are looking to update their spaces. When claiming your free consultation, make sure to ask about art reuse to see what we may be able to offer!

  1. Know how to properly Recycle old frames and canvases when needed 

Lastly, it’s important to try and recycle whatever you can when making the decision to redesign your space. When it comes to things like frames, prints, canvases and more, make sure to look up your local recycling restrictions and applications before tossing things out.. If your art is still intact and you’ve made the decision to not use it, consider donating it to a charity like Habitat for Humanity, Goodwill, St. Vincent DePaul’s, or other local donation centers. One person’s trash can be another person’s treasure! Concepts In Art is proud to donate a company’s old or unused art when updating spaces! 

Overall, there are many ways that we all can incorporate sustainable art practices into our space. Let’s work together to create an impact and make the earth a green environment!

For more information and to set up your free consultation with us, visit www.conceptsinart.net!