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How hard can hanging art really be? 

Actually, it’s pretty technical. 

Properly installed art requires a tad more than a few nails, a hammer, and a “Looks even to me!”. For those brave DIY souls bypassing the expertise of a professional art installation service, Concepts in Art Owner Jenny Gaffney outlined her top tips for hanging art like a pro. 

  1. Make sure the center of your picture is at eye level. 

The last time you went to an art museum did you have to strain to see the art, or was it laid out in a comfortable location your eyes could easily access?

The most common mistake people can make when choosing to hang their own art is that they pick a position that is far too high up on the wall. Hanging art too high makes for an awkward location beyond a person’s natural gaze and interrupts the room’s overall aesthetic. Positioning your wall art at eye level generally means the midpoint of the picture is approximately 60 inches from the floor

Bringing the art to eye level makes the art much easier to appreciate and gives the room a sense of cohesion by eliminating any awkward wall space from the floor to the art. So break out that measuring tape – it’s worth it!

  1. You’ll have to become a bit of a mathematician. 

It’s often underestimated how much math is involved in hanging art, but it’s true that measuring tape isn’t the only piece of equipment you’ll need. A calculator is a must to achieve proper sizing and spacing. 

Depending on how many pieces of art you’re planning to hang, and the sizes of those pieces and any furniture located underneath the art, there are a LOT of ratios to take into consideration when hanging a piece of art in any area – especially a high-traffic one. You want people to focus on the gorgeous art you have hanging, not that it’s a little too big (or small) for where it’s hung. 

It can be overwhelming, but it all comes down to the details. Taking the time to figure out the math will pay off in the long run to ensure your picture is hung correctly!

  1. Make sure your picture is level!

This seems intuitive (especially if you’re taking the time to do all of the other calculations), but it’s not surprising to see people skip this step. After spending so much time and effort determining everything else, it’s not uncommon for folks to just eyeball the orientation of the art for the sake of ending the process. 

It’s true that people don’t notice things done right, but always notice something that’s a little off; nobody notices art that’s level, but everyone will notice something that’s crooked. While we’re sure your friend has excellent eyesight, your smartphone has a level app that will work even better – we promise! 

Remember, art is an investment that you want people to appreciate when they step into your space. While the process is highly technical (and a real patience tester), the end result – beautifully hung art that ties the room’s aesthetic together  – is always worth it. Whether you’re taking the process on yourself or employing the help of a professional service like Concepts in Art, these guidelines are the foundation of a properly executed installation that should be present in every room. 

The holidays are officially upon us, and no matter how satisfying the end result is, the idea of lugging boxes out from storage to set out loads of tiny holiday decorations is enough to make the jolliest elf groan. 

Luckily, creating a warm and cozy holiday vibe can go beyond setting up trees and tabletop trinkets that, while beautiful, take up valuable office space and hundreds of twinkly lights that, while twinkly, tend to tangle and test your patience. This year, look into upgrading your holiday decorating by taking advantage of empty wall space that’s begging to get onto Santa’s nice list. 

Deck the Halls (and the Walls)

With the spirit of gathering in the air, many tend to focus their holiday decorating efforts on the focal points of their space: for a hotel – the lobby, for an office – the waiting room, for a home – the living room. This year, transform your space into a true beacon of holiday cheer by sprucing up oft-overlooked spaces like hallways, bathrooms, and guest rooms. 

These areas are often left barren because of logistics; there just isn’t much space to set-up the traditional holiday decorations we typically think of, like small Christmas trees, tabletop trinkets like nativity scenes, or garland. However, every room has wall space – and taking advantage of a few blank walls can really make a difference in the overall feel of your space. 

Consider investing in a beautiful framed picture of a winter scene to hang in a barren hallway, or stick-n-peel art to smooth over large glass offices. And, if you’re wondering why you should even bother decorating for the holidays, check out last year’s blog on all the benefits you would be missing out on!

Ho-Ho-Holiday Color Palettes

You don’t want to lose your company’s identity or sense of professionality in a swamp of tabletop ornaments and mismatched decorations. It may be worthwhile to identify one common theme before purchasing any additional holiday decor to ensure a sense of cohesiveness and intentionality; one of the best ways to do this is through the colors expressed in your wall art. The good news is there are a variety of holiday color palettes to explore no matter what your style is. We’ve curated a few of our favorites below:

The holidays mean different things for everyone, so one major key to effective holiday decorating is ensuring the environment you’re creating is one that every potential customer, employee, or passerby can appreciate. Consider skipping the giant portrait of Santa Claus for an oil painting of poinsettia or a serene snowscape. Additionally, the holiday season goes beyond December 25, so there’s even more of an incentive to invest in pieces that have a bit of a timeless factor – and can buy you some time if you’re not wanting to break the bubble wrap and storage boxes back out on December 26.

At the end of the day, any holiday decorations are better than no holiday decorations. But if you’re looking to explore what festive wall art can look like for your business, give us a call to discuss what options could be available for your space!